When you or someone you love is faced with illness or injury, you want to have access to the very best medical expertise available. That's exactly what the Chamber Plan Best Doctors services gives you. Best Doctors services are proudly provided to every individual covered under the Chambers Plan at no additional cost. Best Doctors provides Plan participants with the support and assistance they need to make informed decisions about their health care when it matters most. 

Best Doctors recognizes that people with serious illnesses may lack the advice and support necessary to acquire the best medical care. Best Doctors connects patients and their treating physicians with world renowned specialists to confirm diagnosis and correct treatment plans. This allows you and your physician to choose the most appropriate next steps. There is no additional cost incurred by the insured, whom can also stay in the comfort of their home. Best of all, a dedicated Member Advocate, a Registered Nurse, remains available for one-on-one support and guidance.