This Chambers Plan benefit is designed to cover charges for emergency medical treatment outside your province of residence and Canada.

*Note: You must be covered under the Government Health Insurance Plan in your province or territory of residence and your provincial health plan must be prepared to pay a portion of any claim. Medical Emergency means an unforeseen illness or accidental injury requiring immediate medical treatment.  

In the event of a medical emergency, you must contact Voyage Assistance immediately to confirm your coverage and to access the covered services. Inside Canada or the US call 1-800-465-6390. Outside Canada or the US call collect 1-514-875-9170.  These toll free emergency numbers are on the back of your Chambers Plan group insurance wallet card. We suggest you carry this card with you at all times.


Medical Assistance and Consultation

If required, Voyage Assistance will help locate a physician or medical facility, monitor an individual’s condition, and guarantee payment of medical expenses subject to the provisions of this policy.

Telephone Interpretation Services

Voyage Assistance will provide translation services in all major languages for an individual who needs help communicating with local health care professionals.

Emergency Medical Payments

Voyage Assistance will advance funds if required in order for an individual to obtain necessary medical service.

Medical Evacuation

At its discretion, Voyage Assistance will arrange and pay for transportation, under proper medical supervision, if an individual must be evacuated to a different hospital or treatment facility or be repatriated to Canada for treatment.

After Hospital Convalescence

Voyage Assistance will pay up to $150 per day for a maximum of 7 days for the cost of daily room and board. This becomes an eligible expense when, in consultation with a local attending Physician, it is determined that the individual is unable to travel and should convalesce after discharge from the hospital, extending the stay beyond the originally scheduled return date.

Return of Dependent Children

Voyage Assistance will arrange for the transportation of children under age 16 to their normal place of residence in Canada by the most economically suitable route. To be eligible, the children must be travelling with the individual who is hospitalized, then left unattended as a result of the Medical Emergency. A qualified escort will accompany the children when considered necessary.

Bedside Visit

If an insured’s travelling alone, Voyage Assistance will provide one round trip economy class airfare, for one immediate family member to join the insured if he or she must be hospitalized for more than 7 consecutive days as a result of a Medical Emergency. 

Click here to download a package that includes;

  • exclusions & limitations
  • how to make a claim
  • and a claim form 

Meals and Accommodation

Voyage Assistance will pay up to $150 per family per day for a maximum of 7 days, for the cost of daily room and board for any

a) family member brought by Voyage Assistance to the bedside of the hospitalized individual who is travelling alone, or

b) individual whose trip home is delayed beyond the original scheduled return date due to the emergency hospitalization of another individual travelling with him.

Trip Interruption

Voyage Assistance will arrange and pay for a one way economy class airfare direct to an insured’s normal residence in Canada (less any refund value of the original ticket), in the event they miss their scheduled flight home due to their own or their dependent’s hospitalization as a result of a Medical Emergency.

Return of Deceased

Voyage Assistance will arrange for the necessary authorizations and pay up to $5,000 for the preparation (including cremation) and transportation of a deceased insured to the normal place of residence
in Canada. The cost of a burial coffin is not included.

Return of Vehicle

If disabled as a result of a Medical Emergency and unable to drive
the vehicle used at the time (provided there is no alternative driver available),
Voyage Assistance will arrange for and pay up to $1,000 for the return of that vehicle by a commercial agency. The vehicle will be delivered to the insured’s normal place of residence in Canada or, if the vehicle is rented, to the nearest appropriate rental agency.

Urgent Messages

In the event of a personal difficulty, Voyage Assistance will assist in the exchange of messages with immediate family members or an employer.

Lost Luggage and Documents

Voyage Assistance will contact the appropriate authorities regarding lost luggage, and the replacement of lost documents.

Legal Assistance

In the event of a car accident, or if the insured is charged with a traffic violation or other civil offence, Voyage Assistance will help locate local legal aid. The cost of the legal services are the insured’s responsibility.