Feel like you can't see a thing?! Good news is the Eye Exam Coverage has increased.

Most of our Chambers Plan’s Extended Health options include a provision for eye exam coverage up to either $50 or $75 per person when performed by a qualified ophthalmologist or licensed optometrist. Adults are covered for one such exam in any 24 month period, while dependent children are covered once in any 12 month period. 


We are pleased to announce effective April 1, 2015, the $50 per person maximum in any health option will increase to $75 per person for eligible expenses incurred after March 31, 2015, subject to any other maximums, co-insurance or limitations that may apply to that particular health option.

Claims incurred after March 31st will be paid using the higher maximum, though we have not yet notified firms of the change. Firms will be notified of the change in an edition of Plan News to be sent out the last half of April.

Since the change is an enhancement to the wording in their employee booklets, we will not be reprinting booklets at this time. Instead, we will inform Plan participants they can print an Change Notification at http://www.chambers.ca/existing-clients/employers/plan-news-and-publications.html and keep a copy of the change with their previously issued Certificate of Insurance and Employee Booklet, should they so choose. Plan participants using my-benefits will find the Change Notification under Forms & Tools/News & Publications/Amendments