Chamber members have strength in numbers and together we have affordable comprehensive health care benefits.


Over 25,000 small to medium-sized businesses in Canada use the Chambers Plan to protect themselves and their employees.

Chambers Plan has been providing small business health insurance since 1970, offering flexible benefit plans with comprehensive coverage to employees and their families, at rates usually enjoyed by larger firms. Thousands of small business owners across Canada join Chambers Plan each year.

Chambers Plan is a pooled benefit plan, meaning insurance premiums are based on the average of claims across all participants. When your claims are bundled together, costs stay manageable and predictable without any one firm ever being singled out for an increase.

Five key features set the Chambers Plan apart from other group benefit plans, making it the ideal small business insurance plan:

  • Pooled benefits stabilize your firm's rates at renewal.
  • Coverage is guaranteed renewable.
  • Local and national support for you and your employees. Ask your local advisor or call our Service Centre toll-free for answers.
  • The Plan can be administered anytime, anywhere with my-benefits®software.
  • Your health and dental claims are usually paid within 48 hours. Direct deposit is available.

Whether you are a business of 1, or a team of 50, we can customize your premium health, dental, disability, critical and life insurance options to meet your needs.

Time to start taking advantage of your Chamber member benefits!

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