It’s not uncommon for people to experience the January blues.

The excitement of the holidays fades, overindulgences catch up with us, and the cold weather just adds to the tension. Typically these feelings ebb and flow as we settle back into a normal routine, but for some they may not. Perhaps there has been an undercurrent of sadness or frustration brewing slowly over time, but only recently have you noticed it affecting an employee's work performance or attitude.

Knowing what to do when you suspect that an employee's mental health may be suffering is tricky, largely because there are still major stigmas associated with mental illness in general, not to mention confusing boundaries surrounding the appropriate things to do or say in the workplace.

When life’s challenges make it difficult to concentrate on work, support for you and your employees is available through the Chambers of Commerce Group Insurance Plan Employee Assistance Program (EAP).

This confidential service provides access to professional counselling and guidance from experts who understand how coping with personal issues affects absenteeism and productivity on the job. It is also a good solution for businesses without internal HR support to help individuals deal with complex issues best resolved with the assistance of accredited professionals.

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This post is dedicated to Mental Health Awareness Month and those that struggle with Mental Health.