The Chambers Plan is pleased to announce we have joined the TELUS Health eClaims network. Extended Healthcare providers registered with the TELUS Health eClaims service can now submit claims electronically on behalf of their patients who are insured under the Chambers of Commerce Group Insurance Plan®.

How does it work?

Provider eClaims is similar to the way dental claims are submitted by many dental offices. An Extended Healthcare provider who is part of the TELUS network can electronically submit a claim for the services you received through a site managed by TELUS Health.

Claims will be assessed automatically and your provider will be able to let you know immediately whether the claim is approved, declined or held for review. Depending on your benefit plan coverage, you may not have any out-of-pocket expenses, or may simply be responsible for a coinsurance or deductible that may apply.

Your provider will need to know your Chambers Plan Firm and Certificate numbers, which can be found on your wallet card or on your Certificate of Insurance. To protect your privacy, providers will not have access to your coverage details.

Which providers are on the network?

Over 18,000 healthcare providers across the country are registered with TELUS, including chiropractors, physiotherapists and vision care providers, and new providers are being added daily. To find a local healthcare provider who can submit claims on your behalf visit Look under existing-clients/ employees/Find eClaims Provider. Enter your postal code to find a specialist in your area. You can also find providers at:

Fast and convenient, Provider eClaims gives you one more option to submit paperless claims under your Chambers Plan coverage.