Have you ever felt unsure about a diagnosis? Or maybe you’ve left your doctor’s office with unanswered questions after your time is up? Or perhaps you’ve wanted a second opinion on a treatment plan?

The Chamber Plans Best Doctors benefit can help you with all of these scenarios and more, even if you’re on a leave of absence, such as sick leave or parental leave. As long as you continue to be covered under your employee bene ts or insurance plan, you still have access to Best Doctors services.

You can take advantage of 'Best Doctors' services no matter where you are—all you need to do is contact Best Doctors online or by phone. With access to the top medical specialists around the world, Best Doctors can help you resolve any medical uncertainties and empower you to make the best decisions regarding your health care.

  • Gain confidence: With Best Doctors’ InterConsultation service, you receive an Expert Second Opinion of your medical condition, providing you with greater certainty about your diagnosis and treatment plan. Best Doctors’ medical specialists will analyze your medical records, and you’ll receive the expert’s findings in a detailed, but easy-to-understand report.

  • Find the right doctor: The FindBestDoc service can help you locate a specialist within your geographic area, and the FindBestCare service can help if you are seeking a specialist outside of Canada. We will search our database of over 53,000 global, peer-nominated medical experts to nd the specialist right for you.

  • Navigate the health care system: Best Doctors 360° provides you with the right resources and tools to help you understand your medical condition, no matter how complex. The service also o ers advice and wellness support, such as assistance locating support groups for diabetes or nding care and residency for elderly parents.

  • Get answers to all your questions: Often a 15-minute visit with your doctor isn’t enough time to get all your questions answered, but Best Doctors’ Ask the Expert service can ll in any gaps. A leading medical expert who specializes in your condition will answer all your questions, providing you with the information and peace of mind you need.

    Whether you want to ensure you have the right diagnosis, are trying to locate a specialist in your area, need help navigating the health care system or have unanswered questions about your medical condition or treatment plan, Best Doctors can help.

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