We are pleased to announce the new Health Spending Account (HSA) has arrived.

Add more flexibility to your firm's coverage with a Chambers Plan HSA. 


Employees are unique, with different needs and expectations of what benefit plans should offer. HSAs provide employers the ability to supplement their Health and Dental benefits, offering employees more flexibility, by providing coverage for health-related expenses that may not be included in their group benefit coverage or to top up existing coverage.

Simple and effective, HSAs can add flexibility for firm employees and help give firms better control over costs. HSAs are pre-determined amounts of funds that firms provide to their employees at the beginning of each calendar year. Employees and their families can submit claims to cover Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) approved Health and Dental expenses and eligible expenses are reimbursed at 100% up to the total dollar amount available in their HSA. 

The Chambers Plan HSA is designed to supplement, not replace, insured Health and Dental coverage. An HSA arrangement cannot replace an insured benefit requirement. 

For greater details about the Chamber Plan HSA, along with supporting materials, see the links below:

Download Chamber Plan HSA Brochure

Download Application to add Chambers Plan HSA

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