Here's a useful checklist that will help you, or your administrator, manage your company's Group Benefits Plan.


Critical Check List for Group Plan Administrators 

  1. We immediately enroll new (eligible) employees onto our plan (so they will not be treated as late entrants). Their coverage will NOT take effect until their waiting period has been satisfied. Spouses (with coverage that terminates under another plan) are enrolled immediately so they are not treated as late entrants.
  2. We meet our participation requirements (Firms with 1-4 employees require 100% participation; firms with 5 or more employees require 75% participation).
  3. Eligible employees “waiving” all benefit coverage have completed a “Benefit Waiver Form” and a copy is in their employee file.  Click here to download.*Life/AD&D Conversions - Intents to convert these benefits should be sent to our office within 10 days of termination.
  4. Owners and employees continue to meet Chambers Plan eligibility requirements (they are full- time employees and they work not less than 20 hours per week – an average over the month of 20 hours per week does not qualify the individual for benefits). Seasonal employees are not eligible for coverage. We are aware the Retiree Plan (for Owners and Executives) and ContinYou plan (for all employees) may be options for employees who leave our plan or become ineligible for coverage.
  5. Chambers Plan is notified if an employee becomes disabled (even if we don’t have disability benefits on our plan) as they may be eligible for Life Waiver Benefits. Employees who do not apply for Life Waiver Benefits may not be eligible for life insurance benefits at a later date.
  6. We've created a continuation of benefits policy outlining how long we will continue to pay for an employee’s health and dental benefits should they become disabled. I am aware Life and Long Term Disability (LTD) coverage for employees is only up to the NEM (non-evidence maximum) and employees who are eligible for coverage above the NEM limit (based on earnings) must complete a Statement of Health form and apply for any excess coverage.
  7. We've talked with our advisor about the changes to EI benefits. If we don't hold Weekly Indemnity coverage we have also discussed the possibility of a one-week gap in coverage and changes that should be made to our LTD coverage to avoid this. 

Please Remember

If an employee’s work schedule drops below 20 hours per week they are no longer eligible for coverage and must be removed from the plan.

Manage your Changes
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